Bonnie Rotten – Tamed Whore By JP

Its difficult at first to tell whether she is excited or being bratty. She can’t help but look into the camera. She knows who her target audience is. JP quickly strips her of her clothes and hopefully of her pride. Immediately the smiles stop. JP needs to know how much pain she likes… a lot or a little. We go back and forth between rough man handling and slapping to fingering her and getting her hot. Enough games, JP heads for getting her nice and pink with the flogger. The smile is definitely gone.

Next, Bonnie is splayed out on the floor in a back arch position. Her arms are bolted to the floor in wooden stocks. Under her feet are spiked pieces of wood. Her knees are pried open with the spiky wooden spreader bar and JP begins picking her apart. Flogging her, using the flip cat, using the dragon tail while exposing all of her emotional vulnerabilities. He layers pain all over her body and coaxes intense orgasms from her. “You said you wanted this.”

Last, Bonnie is standing on the spiky board with her legs strapped together and her neck and hands in stocks. JP right away goes after her with an extremely stingy flogger. She is overwhelmed. He pushes her further. Adding nipple clamps, he starts to mind fuck her with the cattle prod. Talking to her gently, he explains how challenging it is to endure a prod… it would give away too much to tell you what happens next but it does end with long beautiful orgasms!

No Holes Barred – Beretta James

In this amazing and explosive update, Matt completely Dominates Beretta and makes her his bitch. No pretenses, the camera opens with Beretta’s mouth wrapped around Matt’s dick, balls deep with her sitting there not moving a muscle. Impressive enough on its own, Matt takes it one step further. He starts skull fucking her in a hot aggressive owning of her face type way. The saliva runs down her face, all over her body. She takes it willingly. He pushes her further.

“Push yourself. Impress me. Hold it. Keep it down there. Do you want to cum? Impress me. Hold it until you think you are going to pass out.” Her hands are splayed open. He slaps her face telling her to go faster and take him all the way down. She does. He then clocks her on the back of the head forcing her down into an unbelievable depth on his cock.

Matt binds her ankles to her neck rope and rests her against the wall on her elbows. He flogs her pussy and she whines and whimpers from the pain. He gives no signs of stopping and demands she count them out loud. She squeaks out numbers while trying to catch her breath from the pain administered to her cunt.

Matt wastes no time in getting a squirting orgasm from her. Slipping most of his hand in her pussy, she squirts everywhere. He takes the squirt and flicks it onto her face. Sliding a large cock into her cunt affixed with a vibrator he barely moves it. She wants it bad and slides her body along as much as possible to take it into her cunt. She cums and rocks her body into the vibrator.

Matt wants to see her squirt from banging her ass. He barely starts and she is in a paradise of pleasure. He adds his fingers into her cunt and finger bangs both of her holes. He doesn’t give up the asshole. He continues to finger her and adds a vibrator. She cums, writhing in pleasure. Enjoying himself, he wants more. Matt picks Beretta up by her neck and ankles and drags her to his desk to get his dick sucked for another hour off camera. This is an incredibly hot update NOT to be missed!

Swoop: Taking, Sucking, Fucking, Big Tits and Aliens

Katie Kox looks like she just stepped right out of 1950’s ad for butter. She’s sweet with pig tails in her all white mini skirt and tank top and a Polly Anna attitude. A perfect target for the taking, really. Katie finds her lily white loveliness exposed on a cold steel table in an ever colder lab. Her clothes vanish and the suction cups attached to her humongous tits, hungry to suck her nipples.
This is no ordinary place, the long steady hum of a engine and the robots that hover about the room are quick to experiment with Katie. Finding her weakness to cum very interesting…

Kristina Rose – Filthy Whore – Live Show Part 2

Kristina Rose starts with being in the cage sitting on the spiky floor. JP asks her to crawl out and they install her in a bifurcation wall with her legs, head, and hands on one side and her ass on the other. Her legs are bolted to the wall in metal restraints.

Isis starts to work her over with the dragon tail and then moving onto the flogger, making her ass and back nice and pink. With a tag team effort, JP takes on a flogger and Isis and JP play a vicious game of round robin. It seems like JP makes Kristina scream louder. She is overwhelmed and can’t seem to process what is happening. Her whole body quivers.

In comes a hard cock rammed into her cunt. Isis wraps her hands around her throat and face, making her struggle for breath and the sex more intense. The dragon tail comes back and JP makes Kristina beg and plead to have a cock back in her cunt while he works her over. Her pleads become desperate and we are convinced. Isis stuffs her tits in Kristina’s face and Maestro gets to work on pounding her tiny hole. Eventually she is let out and made to return to her cage, where she belongs – a wanton used up slut.

Hot Redhead Cici Rhodes Fucked by Hard Cock and Construction Tools

Disgruntled construction workers give their boss what’s coming to her in this brutal free-for-all of hard hats and hard cocks!

HUGE black Cocks stuffed in her mouth keep her quiet while tool handles are shoved up her ass.

The whole crew takes her in the ass, pussy, and mouth. Then they show her who’s boss by cumming all over her pretty little face.

Amazing Fitness Enthusiast Ashley Star Gets Sexually Dominated

Beautiful ebony fitness enthusiast Ashley Star starts with undressing for us in front of the camera. Showing us her amazing physique, flexing every muscle of her stunning build. She flashes the camera a nice big smile. We fade out of the fantasy and back to her sitting in a chair on the stage. Matt comes in and immediately starts binding her arms. She looks fascinated and curious. Matt encourages her to get out… she of course cannot.

Matt adds one more rope to her wrists and tells her to take her shorts off. She struggles and her gorgeous ass shakes trying to get the pants off. Matt orders her on her knees with her mouth open. She gets a royal face fucking. Pulling her up, he bends her over and pounds her cunt saying, “All of your muscles can’t help you now. Just enjoy it.” This makes her resist more. Kicking, struggling, she is face up on the ground.

Matt sticks a vibrator on her cunt, she cums instantly. Struggling she resists as much as possible. He continues to show her helplessness by finger fucking her and repeats that “no matter how fucking strong you are, I own you.” Rolling her on her stomach, he completes the hogtie and gives her one more orgasm.