Tyler Rush takes on ripped hunk Jonah Marx

[video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_1.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_1.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_2.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_2.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_3.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_3.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_4.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_4.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_5.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_5.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_6.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40451/v/h/320/40451_6.jpg"]

Tyler Rush is back after a devastating loss and is hungry for another opportunity to fight his way to a cum covered victory. His opponent is definitely a challenge. With years and years of competitive wrestling under his belt, Jonah Marx is positive he’s going to crush Rush. Tyler fights with all his might but Jonah’s experienced holds are no match for him as he’s pretzeled into a banana split. Jonah orders his new plaything to worship his hard cock as he wails on Tyler with the riding crop, his hard cock flailing back and forth as each blow comes raining down. Jonah breaks out the “fucks-all” to get his boy ready for the real thing. After pounding the boy’s ass, Jonah pulls him up and blasts his face with hot cum, leaving Tyler, defeated, once again.

Brutal Predicament Bondage, Relentless Torment, and Screaming Orgasms!

[video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_1.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_1.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_2.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_2.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_3.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_3.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_4.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_4.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_5.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_5.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_6.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/40665/v/h/320/40665_6.jpg"]

Ashley is the real deal, the truest of bondage models, the one in a million that lives for the bondage and torment and could care less about the orgasms. She wants the most brutal and grueling bondage that will challenge her and push her limits as far as they will go. Ashley settles into the ropes and her pussy starts to drip with the anticipation of suffering more at the hands of The Pope.

Alt Sensation Leigh Raven Gets Power Fucked by Our Machines

[video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_1.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_1.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_2.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_2.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_3.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_3.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_4.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_4.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_5.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_5.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_6.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41465/v/h/320/41465_6.jpg"]

Leigh is making a lot of waves as she takes the industry by storm. The days of no tattoos on girls are gone. Almost every girl has them these days, and Leigh is leading the pack of alt girls. She is sexy as fuck and can’t get enough of the machines. Her pussy explodes with squirting orgasms and she jumps back on for more.

DP with Giant Slink AND an ARM, The Nova’s are Anal Stars!

[video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_1.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_1.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_2.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_2.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_3.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_3.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_4.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_4.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_5.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_5.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_6.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41305/v/h/320/41305_6.jpg"]

In 2006, Francis M Fesmire, recieved an IG nobel Prize for making a study that demonstrated that rectal massage was a cure for “intractable hiccups. We have absolutely no idea how the studies were made but when we learned that massaging your asshole cured hiccups, we figured that it probably happened almost exactly like this.Lily Lane is a scientist with a cute young hiccuping patient. Alexa Nova has non stop hiccups. The hiccups are so bad, that Alexa’s social life is suffering. During a standard exam, Lily finds a correlation between Alexa’s asshole being fondled and the hiccuping seising. To Marvel at their discovery, Lily and Alexa head over to Ella Nova’s office to demand a Prize for their discovery. Ella needs to see if this is for real so all three ladies head back to the clinic for some deep Anal penetration. Lily soon discovers that she will not be able to permanently cure hiccups unless she can get these girls’ asshole left gapping open. Lily gets Ella and Alexa’s asshole to open wide. She puts the entire Slink deep into each girls asshole. She even DP’s Ella with the Slink and her arm. The Novas are spectacular in their anal abilities. Both girls are strap on fucked and cured of hiccups. Anal Fisting tends to lossen the butthole up. The girls are left with gapping assholes and no hiccups.

Husband Shaming: An Anal Attitude Adjustment

Cherry Torn is fed up with her husband Ruckus sneaking all over the house jerking his dick to filthy porn when he isn’t keeping her pussy satisfied. After another boring night in bed alone she catches him red handed, obsessing over tight little buttholes getting blown wide open by fat cocks. Suddenly it all becomes clear, she’s been a sweet little wifey for her “macho man”, when what he really needs is an anal attitude adjustment. Cherry decides to purge Ruckus’ shame and guilt surrounding the male asshole by fucking the toxic masculinity right out of him. This treatment will continue until he can admit his true desires. For the sake of their marriage. Her lessons includes caning, flogging, pussylicking, ass worship, chastity, and deep, hard strap on fucking.

The New Bitch

[video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_1.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_1.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_2.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_2.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_3.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_3.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_4.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_4.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_5.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_5.jpg"][video src="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_6.flv" poster="http://cdnp.kink.com/imagedb/41328/v/h/320/41328_6.jpg"]

Cadence is a cute little thing that is her to prove how much of a pain pig she really is. She wants to be put through the paces and abused by The Pope. Her body is restrained in new and classic devices. Her flesh is subjected to grueling torment. Her holes are fucked which makes her pussy squirt everywhere. She loves her throat fucked so we make sure we annihilate that hole too.