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Yasmine – Dominated By Matt With Relentless Orgasms

We start with Yasmine on her knees, bobbing her head up and down on Matt’s cock aggressively. He challenges her to stay lips wrapped around his cock. Deeper, faster, better. She does her best to please and he says to her “you’ll thank me for this training one day.”

Yasmine is brought over and placed sitting down in a position to take Matt’s cock even deeper into her throat. After some deep throat fucking, he binds her legs wide open in a beautiful display of gorgeous natural tits and a nice thick figure. In comes the baby oil. Slathered all over her skin, making it glow and her breasts look even bigger. Matt sprays a mouth full of water all over her and her nipples get hard from the wetness.

Adding a vibrator and his hand over her mouth, he squeezes a generous orgasm out of her, then another throttling her cunt with his hands, then another with the vibrator and his hand again, and then another… this bitch is cumming whether she wants to or not.

FuckingMachines Feature Classic: Overload: The Pussy, The Tits, The Ass, The Girl

An archive classic with Bailey Brooks who kills it with her hot body and smoking orgasms.

Bailey brings a hundred and ten percent so we give her a hundred and twenty.
From the very start of the interview we begin to overwhelm her tits and clit with four machine wands working her over. We add the SatisfyHer that fucks at vibration-like speed, pin her open with the vibrators so she can’t close her legs and then fuck her silly.
Then she shows us how it’s done, with an ass fucking that just won’t quit.

Destroying The Homecoming Queen

Homecoming queens Annika Albright and Ash Hollywood are the princesses of the academy yet bad girl Gia Dimarco and her friend Isis Love feel that they are surely not the fairest of them all and set out to steal the coveted homecoming queen crown by challenging them to a fight. Ash and Annika attempt to battle yet they loose this cat fight and submit to the powerful bad girls in a day filled with swirlies, hair pulling, humiliation and lesbian domination. Spanking, clothpins, ass worship, breath play, pussy licking, squirting and strap-on fucking are all included!

Slave Initiationpistol a.k.a Beretta James is initiated as a House slave

Join us in welcoming the next Upper Floor slave, pistol. We already know Beretta James the porn star as a sexually depraved and gorgeous talent. We know trainee 004 as a dedicated pain slut and disciplined whore. Now the House will know her as slave pistol. This is her big night, and in her first act of devotion she is auctioned off to a visiting member, the intimidating Lux Lady Love.

During the slave lottery Tomi Knox wins the night with slave tramp. He is quick to exploit her pussy and orgiastic nature, making her squirt and cum on his fist. While slave tramp is screaming on her back, slave kaos is handed off to her Master for the night, Dan O Rama. Slave kaos has her elegant arms wrapped in latex, and is made to pleasure Dan with her hands alone. She looks so desperate to put hard cock in her mouth UV is happy to oblige with a dildo.

Kaos is not the only slave punished by UV. Sweet little slut alice has her creamy thighs tortured and round ass spanked as she sucks off The Steward and cums like a filthy whore.

The finale kicks off with a wicked zipper placed on slave pistol by Christine and ends with slave pistol airtight with slave cock in her pussy and ass and The Steward in her mouth. If she weren t stuffed so tight, she would probably be smiling.

Slave Training Lyla StormDay 2-Endurance Testing

Lyla has been hand selected to fit a specific look that Master Acworth has requested. It is clear that we have a lot of work to do if we plan on making this bratty trainee into a true slave. The day starts with upper body strength testing. I want to know how strong her body and mind is. The body will always wear out, but a strong mind can push just a bit further.

The day continues with sadistic bondage that inescapable to test her mind, by taking all control away from her. The bondage is manipulated to constantly get worse as the scene goes on. Her pussy is then violated and by the end she cannot move at all and has a hook in her pussy keeps her head pulled tight.

The final scene tests her lower body. She is made to squat on a dildo and fuck it for as long as she is told without being allowed to orgasm. She is shaping up, but there is still a lot of work to do before she’s ready to be called a slave.

Slut Competition

Odile and Coral Aorta battle against each other to see who can get the most attention from Mark Davis and be the greater bondage slut! With each girl truly wanting to out do the other, they compete in face slapping, tit smacking, deep throating, various forms of corporal punishment, predicament bondage, anal sex and orgasms.

Princess Donna’s Birthday Bash Part 2!!!!

Today you get the second half of Princess Donna’s birthday bash complete with cum covered faces and cake covered asses, upside down suspensions, cock sucking, and general partying!!! Boo ya!!

Cum Drenched Slut Teased – Flogged – Tickled

Spread eagle on the floor Matt pounces on this slut with an aggressive flogging all over her body getting it nice and pick until she begs to be tickled. She is tickled until she begs to be flogged. Her whole body writhes in the rope and her cunt raises high as she tries to escape the rope.

Matt plays with her, taunts, her, gives her more predicaments to play with her. Then the vibrator comes in. He pounds her juicy inviting cunt with his fingers… teasing her, prolonging her pleasure and not letting her cum again and again. This is the cycle and we get to see how long she can endure this circuit training sadism.

At the end of her ordeal Matt says simply “Welcome to HogTied” and leaves the cum drenched slut on the floor.

Come to the Dark Side: The Machines Welcome You

Presley surprises us with her 180 from scared to eager. She lets us put her in her favourite position – pile driver – and fuck her tight pussy until she is dizzy. We do have to break out the Sybian to quell her pussy fire and finish the day with some nice squealing orgasms.

Elise Graves – Harsh Treatment and Predicaments Noir Style – by The Pope!

Elise Graves is an extreme bondage model thats happiest subjected to the harshest treatments only predicaments like Device Bondage have to offer. This update has been treated in an experimental noir visual effect style with dark moody vignettes and we hope you enjoy it.

Elise is installed in the Scavenger’s Daughter, stripped of the privilege of clothing and wears a cruel metal gag shoved deep into her mouth that when pulled up, pools the drool into her throat making her choke. The Pope utilizes this as an element of consequence if he does not get what he wants… Elise is put through her paces and we get to see how obedient she can be, or try to be.

The ultimate “drawn and quartered” predicament. The Evil Pope has placed Elise standing on incredibly uncomfortable 4″ x 4″ wooden spikes that she has to balance on or suspend like a marionette. “See that I’m enjoying this? I’m just going to keep hitting you… hearing you scream,” Pope says. He is tired of looking at her face and encases it in vet wrap. The severity of her predicament increases and we begin to wonder exactly how long can Elise last before she suspends herself?

The slut is suspended upside down by leather suspension boots. Her neck is trapped inverted in a stock and finally her head trapped in a wooden box. Her arms are bound behind with a metal pole and leather wrist cuffs and chain along her torso. One by one clothespins are attached with string underneath, creating a zipper in long lines across her rock hard abdomen. Her voice quivering, echos through the wooden box and out through her neck hole. The longer the clothespins bites into her skin, the more it hurts…